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Our academic year consists of 12 months of theoretical studies and give you the possibility to work full time or paid internship training in your country, during your work, students are challenged to put their knowledge and training that was acquired from the school into action.

We offer a credit transfer facility for all the students who are already studying in a recognized or accredited school in Switzerland or abroad. We respect their educational system and facilitate a direct entry into our Management Courses after considering the subjects they have been trained in their previous schools.

In recognition of the fulfillment of the requirements for a course, The Academy of Business Management – ABMS – The Open University of Switzerland will grant the student Bachelor or MBA/DBA herself as the case may be.

Considering the interest in studies, ABMS – The Open University of Switzerland may provide potential students with a fee funding scholarship. The students who get the scholarship may also be awarded with a certificate for their future use. Every term the school management may decide the winners of the scholarship program for the term.


Following are some of the main degree awards from ABMS via AGU-Sierra Leone.

Bachelor’s Degree

Master Degree

Doctoral Degree

General Information about Doctoral Studies:

  1. Duration of Programme: 3-4 Years Full Time, and 5-7 Years Part Time
  2. Thesis Volume : Usually from 35.000 – 60.000 words
  3. Duration of Thesis : It depends on you and how hard you work in it, from 15 months to 6 years. The average is 2 years.
  4. Areas of specialization include:

Doctor of Philosophy (D.Phil.)

Doctorate in Sales and Marketing

Doctorate in Nutrition

Doctor of Business Administration

Doctorate in International Management

Doctorate in Accounting and Finance

Doctorate in Clinical & Pharmaceutical Management

Doctorate in Business Law and Public Relations

Doctorate in Institutional and educational management

Doctorate in Product and Category Management

Doctorate in International Relation and Cultural Studies

Doctorate in International Hotel and Hospitality Management

Doctorate in International Tourism and Events Management

Doctorate in Nutrition and Culinary Arts